Vapour Blasting, Vapour honing, Aqua Blasting, Slurry blasting, Wet blasting
These are all generic names used to describe one of the safest and most gentle ways of cleaning various metal and non metallic items currently available today.
The range of items that are able to be cleaned with this revolutionary method is virtually endless, and it can be used to clean just about anything from cast alloys thru to plastic moulds and most things in between. Automotive hard parts in particular are finished looking as if they we brand new and sometimes even looking better than new
Items such as alloy engine blocks , heads, cams, pistons, gear sets, hydraulics, fine items, fittings, housings, gear sets , military, aeronautical, marine, even electrical circuit boards or just about anything can be cleaned to a to a brilliant shine without altering critical dimensions, or scratching.

Benefits of the Wet Blast Process are:

  • Single operation cleaning - grease, oil, burnt-on carbon, paint, grime, scale, etc... all removed simultaneously;
  • Complete elimination of contamination;
  • No toxic or harmful chemicals - no atmospheric or environmental pollution;
  • No component erosion or impregnation - critical measurements are maintained;
  • Simultaneous rust inhibition (if required);
  • Capability of processing all types of material;

Industries that have taken advantage of the wet blast process include :

  • Defence - Army, Navy, Air Force
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Metal & Plastic Extrusion
  • Jewellery Manufacturers
  • Valve Manufacturers
  • Stainless Steel Equipment Manufacturers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Electrical Utilities
  • Rail
  • Electronic
  • Composites
  • Wire & Cable
  • Nuclear
  • Cutting Tools
  • Hydraulics and more

How does Vapour blasting work?

Once the parts to be cleaned are secured in the work cabinet.
The cleaning process can commence
Once the pump motor is turned on, it begins pumping the cleaning media, this cleaning media is made up of water and fine glass beads which then flows at a constant low pressure, but as a high volume slurry, into the wet-blast gun.
Once the mixture is inside the blast gun, the regulated compressed air is injected into the mix to further accelerate the media slurry onto to the work piece surface, gently cleaning and polishing the job item using a gentle washing motion.
Much of the media contact with the job surface is in a transverse direction helping produce a brilliant clean finish.
Vapour Blasting, unlike any other line-of-sight dry blasting techniques does not rely on impact or impingement to do the work, as this can damage your parts,
Instead Vapour Blasting is washing the work surface using the water based slurry and air pressure to clean your items and to prevent any damage to you valuable pieces
By using the REDI-STRIP Vapour Blasting wet scrubbing method, the work surface is cleaned, contamination and surface deposits removed, and any scale or burrs are quickly disappear, leaving an immaculately cleaned surface, completely free of any surface impregnation, or dimensional changes.
Typically with different metals such as alloys, the newly cleaned finish will have a brilliant shine just like new. Another advantage of REDI-STRIP vapour blasting is the finished result, will remain largely oil and stain resistant, after the Vapour cleaning process
Please contact REDI-STRIP today to have your items cleaned by this cost effect, non damaging, cleaning process

Alloy sump before vapour blast cleaning

Also as a result of the vapour cleaning the surface of this item has now been conditioned by the Vapour blasting method, it will stay looking like this for many years to come, and retain its original looking sheen, and because its unpainted there will be no paint chipping to worry about.
Unlike conventional bead or sand blasting, the surface will retain its looks and the Vapour blasting will not put a profile on the parts being cleaned

An old piston with dirt, carbon, typically after being traditionally washed using conventional methods, no oil perhaps, but still not clean, look at the contaminates still on the piston , and lurking in the ring groves , hardly a good start for a engine rebuild,
REDI-STRIP VAPOUR BLASTING makes the hard work of cleaning, a thing of the past, REDI-STRIP will make your cleaning troubles disappear

This is the same second hand Piston after being cleaned using REDI-STRIPS VAPOUR CLEAN method. You can see the piston is now ready for reassembly without the worry of dirt or contamination in the engine from poor quality cleaning methods
The beauty of this style of cleaning is, if you don't want a particular section touched, it can be taped up to allow the item to be not touched in the specific place you want it left alone.
So you can do as much or as little as you want as we did with this piston and conrod by only doing a half the assy at a time , to show you the differences.. see below

Notice the complete absence of carbon deposits on the cleaned side of the piston. The Piston Ring grooves are clean ready for reassembly, once the whole piston has completed the

Notice the difference in the finish of these two items.
In this case we cleaned the water thermostat housing outlet only, to show the different finishes available using the Vapour blasting process.
This picture displays the difference of a conventional washed item out of a hot wash or similar, the base, and the top thermostat housing which is now been REDISTRIP VAPOUR cleaned and giving the appearance of a new item even though it is the same age as the base housing

This old crankshaft was 1/2 brought back to new appearance to show how just about anything can be done. When fully cleaned it will be ready for the reconditioning shop without any further damage

This used Auto Bellhousing is now being used in a show car and it looks better than new thanks to the REDISTRIP VAPOUR BLASTING SERVICE
Originally the owner was thinking of painting it, because it looked so badly aged with the corrosion from years of work and certainly looking poor,........ But now after cleaning it looks fantastic, and is now a worthwhile addition to his new street machines, appearance.

This Yamaha Go Kart head on the left side close up photo, shows how the ingrained dirt, grit and grease, from 20 years use has stained the metal and it looks grubby. This also shows that despite have been cleaned previously it cannot be cleaned to a high level of finish using conventional cleaning methods.
On the right hand side of the photo, it is showing the same head cleaned on that side only. This Go kart head which has seen many years of intense work , shows if were totally freshly cleaned using the REDISTRIP VAPOUR CLEANING SYSTEM, It could ready for another season of hard competition looking like new again

this V12 engine block has seen many years hard service and needed a REDISTRIP VAPOURBLAST MAKEOVER, The block was pitted and corroded showing its age and was never successfully going to be suitable for a new like restoration, that was until it came to REDISTRIP for servicing

Look now what can be done with a 50year old alloy engine block
Just like new

And it is now ready for the engine reconditioning process and eventually car show duties

This cylinder head is being cleaned using Vapour blasting system cleaning like no other system can
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