For Paint Stripping, Derusting, Chemical Cleaning, Surface Treatments of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals

Rust Removal

The REDI-STRIP rust removal process is nothing short of magical. Known as Alkaline Electrolytic Immersion, it eliminates the need for acid dipping, abrasive blasting, chipping, scraping, and other destructive de-rusting methods.

In the REDI-STRIP tanks, rust "floats" off steel and other ferrous metals, leaving surfaces bright and clean. The safe formulations can de-rust parts with attachments such as rubber, plastic, wood, and glass.

The REDI-STRIP process is ideal for cleaning components where avoiding metal fatigue is crucial. It removes no metal, preventing stress cracks, etching, or embrittlement, while thoroughly de-rusting every pit, crevice, and cavity, and releasing "frozen" threads.

The rust is completely removed. Depending on the anti-rust coating chosen, a protective residual film remains on all surfaces, eliminating the need for expensive greasing and degreasing. When ready for use, the parts simply need to be water-rinsed and dried.

With immersion tanks up to 6 meters (20 feet) long, REDI-STRIP can de-rust anything from a pin to a punch press. Machine tools, hardware, car bodies, and sheet metal products are just some of the wide variety of items de-rusted by REDI-STRIP every day.

Why scrape (or scrap) rusted products or equipment when REDI-STRIP can restore them?

All things considered, it's a derusting process you can't do without, can't do yourself, and can't get done anywhere else.


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